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        Apparels (knitted/ woven)

             - Men
             - Women
             - Kids

        Home furnishing

             - Bed Linen
             - Table Linen
             - Kitchen Linen
             - Window Coverings
             - Cushions & Dec. Pillows
             - Floor Coverings
             - Bath Linen


             - Precious
             - Semi-precious
             - Costume Jewellery
             - Scarves and shawls
             - Bags and Belts

Quality Assurance

In light of increasing global consumer scrutiny, TQM’s strict quality program ensures the highest ethical sourcing standards. Systematic inspections, audits and comprehensive vender education ensure production from socially responsible suppliers. TQM performs Quality Control throughout Asia for Importers around the globe.

Comprehensive range of Inspection services
Pre-Shipment Inspection (PSI)
Factory Audit (FA)
Social Audit (SA)
Initial Production Check (IPC)
During Production Inspection (DUPRO)
Container Loading Check (CLC)
Final Inspections
Laboratory Testing (LT)
Your Benefits
Why do you need Quality assurance services?
Quality control is a key success factor for companies dealing with Asian suppliers.
reduce risks associated with poor quality, loading, storage, transportation and non-compliance with regulatory requirements
get informed in advance about production problems and shipping delays,
ensure that contractual obligations are met: specifications, packaging, marking and delivery,
identify problems before products are shipped or distributed,
establish and maintain a high-performance vendor base throughout Asia and lower costs.
Meeting your inspection needs
Garments & Textile
Gifts & Accessories
Quality Standards
Method of acceptance sampling
This proven method is widely used to decide whether or not to accept or reject a production lot without checking every single item of the lot. Performed on randomly-selected sample items, once the production lot has been completed and packed, this standard is recognized by every industrial company.
Acceptance sampling is not an alternative to process improvement. Instead it should complement improvement efforts by providing incentives. It also serves as a temporary measure for ensuring quality until successful improvements are made.
There are five possible alternatives to acceptance sampling:
Release all lots without any Production Inspection,
Discard all lots without any Production Inspection,
100% Production Inspection of all lots,
Accept sample, reject discarded lots,
Accept sample with 100% Production Inspection of rejected lots.
Experienced inspectors
University graduates with at least 5 years experience in Quality Control
Native to the area in which they work with an unparalleled expertise in local business practices
Specialized by product range
Regularly trained to stay informed about innovative products, new industry segments and latest inspection methods
Conscientious and impartial, they all abide by TQM's scrupulous Code of Ethics.
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